Mermaids & Mythological:

Mermaid Legends Around the World

Ancient Babylonians and Asyrians: Three thousand years ago, the goddess, Atargatis, transformed herself into a mermaid after accidentally killing her human lover.

China:  Mermaids were the personification of the beauty found in the sea.

Polynesia: Their culture celebrated half human and half porpoise god called Vatea.

Japan: Mermaid, Ningyo, was believed to have power of granting immortality to the human who was worthy.

Europe: Similar to Greek mythology, mermaids were deadly female creatures that personified the danger of beautiful and seductive women.

Persia: Mermaids were curious and secretive beings without fishtails who can have children with people on land.

Ireland: A mermaid who changes its skin can walk on the land for a short time before returning to the sea.

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The Great Sea Dragon of Mythos:

The Great Sea Dragon of Mythos

The Great Sea Dragon of Mythos

5.5 feet long; 4.5 feet high; 33 inches wide (6.5 feet high with base)

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