Lance Jost
San Juan Capistrano, CA  92675

(949) 300-4772

California artist, Lance Jost, is known for his astute sense of tradition and constant quest for innovation and craftsmanship in art, specializing in architectural sculpture at California State University at Long Beach under Professor Ken Glenn, apprentice to famed monumental sculptor, Ivan Mestervic of Chicago. While completing his masters’ thesis on ceramic shell molding (now exclusively used in artistic foundry work) and in order to be able to cast sculpture in bronze, Jost built the bronze casting foundry at California State University at Fullerton. More recently, Jost was honored to be asked by the famed sculptor, Felix de Weldon (creator of the Iwo Jima World War II Memorial), which depicts U.S. Marines hoisting their flag, to assist him in his later projects.

The famous Electric Lady Mural, commissioned by Jimi Hendrix’ recording studio in Greenwich Village in New York City, New York, has recently received public acclaim. When asked to create the futuristic spaceship mural for the rock legend in 1970, Jost responded by producing the 100-foot long painting, which is now considered to be the “prime example of 60’s mural work,” according to Juxtapose Magazine. The recent April 2010 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine features Jimi’s input and involvement with the mural.

Jost was commissioned by the City of Dana Point in August 2008 to create two large mosaics for the pedestrian bridge that spans over Pacific Coast Highway at Doheny Beach. The murals consist of colored glass tile, carved stone for the cliffs, and cast glass, showcasing “Surfers at Sunset” and “Breaching Whales.” The dedication was held in June 2009 where they unveiled the bridge. Now, everyone entering the city drives through the beautiful bridge, a legacy that will last for years.

Jost additionally completed and delivered a 3½ foot wide bronze bible for CalBaptist University in Riverside, California. His work will be displayed on campus for all to view.

The contemporary Jost is very accomplished at public and private commissions for municipalities, hotels, restaurants, casinos, churches, universities, homes, and spas. Jost enjoys creating lifelike imagery using many techniques; painted murals in acrylic, oil or polyurethane, lifelike or graphic mosaic murals in stone, tile, glass with cast or fused glass detail, bas-relief sculpted murals or panels in bronze or other metal, glass, marble, and stone. Also creating glass and bronze lamps, massive abstract sculpture, Pate de Verre cast glass, and carefully articulated figurative bronze sculpture, Jost strives to bring craft, skill, and artistry into a singular work of art or a comprehensively-designed architectural area.

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