Tikis on Steel Pedestal:

     Lance Jost creates Polynesian Tiki Sculptures of fused and slumped iridescent and translucent glass. Standing alone on a patina’d steel base or back lit on a wall sconce, the beautiful combination of glass and vibrancy offer a striking and unique imagery of the tiki.

Glass Polynesian Tiki

Glass Polynesian Tiki I

     “I was fortunate to be in the presence of an incredible collection of primitive masks in La Jolla in 2014,” said Jost, “and was struck by the power of the graphic images. Grained and discolored with age, I thought, “What can I do with this idea to bring it forward and into today’s world?”

Glass Polynesian Sculpture

Glass Polynesian Tiki II


Tiki Wall Sconce:

Tiki Wall Sconce I

Tiki Wall Sconce I

Tiki Wall Sconce II

Tiki Wall Sconce II

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